International Medical Graduates

All persons who intend to practise medicine in Prince Edward Island must be registered and licensed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Prince Edward Island.

For physicians who would like to practise medicine in PEI, It is strongly recommended that you first visit the Government of Prince Edward Island’s website to view current job opportunities, under “Physicians”. If you require additional information about the current job opportunities, please contact the Recruitment and Retention Secretariat at


All physicians applying for a licence to practice in PEI must apply online through  If you do not currently have an account with, one will need to be created to proceed with the application process.


All fees associated with the application process are at the expense of the applicant and are non-refundable.  Furthermore, successful completion of the licensure process does not guarantee a job on Prince Edward Island. 



Consistency of Practice: A physician applying for licensure must have practiced in the field of medicine in which they are applying for, for a minimum of 6 months in the last 3 years prior to date of the application. Any gap in practice, 3 years or greater, may result in ineligibility for licensure.

** If applicable, please provide the College with access to your documents held on physiciansapply**



Please Note: If you currently hold a corporation in another jurisdiction and intend to use your corporation while you are in PEI, our legislation requires you to licence and register your corporation with us.  Incorporation in one province doesn’t necessarily cover income in other provinces and CRA could penalize you if you’re not registered in PEI.


For further information or questions regarding licensure, please contact our office