Policies & Guidelines

The College is directed by the Regulated Health Professions Act(link) to establish and promote professional standards of
practice for medicine.

The College regulates physician performance, which includes both clinical duties and those administrative or executive
duties over which the physician can reasonably be expected to control or influence.

Physicians are expected to adhere to the CMA’s Code of Ethics and Professionalism and the recommendations
of Choosing Wisely Canada, both of which have been endorsed by the College.

Adherence to the College’s policies and guidelines is the first lens through which a physician’s conduct is viewed by the
College. As such, physicians are expected to stay current with these documents.

  • Policies: reflect the minimum professional and ethical behaviour, conduct or practice expected by the College of
    Physicians and Surgeons of PEI. Physicians licensed with the College are required to be familiar with and comply
    with the College policies.
  • Guidelines contain recommendations endorsed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of PEI. The College
    encourages its members to be familiar with and to follow its guidelines whenever possible and appropriate.