Order on Consent – Dr. Syed Naqvi (Patient PS)

September 1, 2022

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Prince Edward Island received a complaint March 3, 2020 by PS regarding Dr. Naqvi’s clinical management of her Type 2 Diabetes among other allegations.

The complaint included a number of allegations about the care that Dr. Naqvi provided to PS to manage PS’s several medical conditions. The Investigation Committee investigated the complaint and found evidence of a failure to provide basic medical care in certain areas, such as regular blood pressure monitoring, regular bloodwork to monitor kidney function and dyslipidemia, and referral to a podiatrist., The issues raised by the complaint involved a consideration of whether the physician satisfied a universally accepted standard of care used by all physicians involved in the chronic disease management of patients with diabetes. The Committee considered evidence that Dr. Naqvi had fallen short of meeting best practice recommendations. In addition, the lack of records to support Dr. Naqvi’s assertions that he provided good care concerned the Committee. The Committee observed that the importance of proper record-keeping of patient encounters in clinic are central to patient care, and are a necessary part of a physician’s professional obligations, and that Dr. Naqvi had shortcomings in this regard.

After investigating the complaint, the Investigation Committee felt the evidence involved professional misconduct as defined in the now-repealed Medical Act Regulations against Dr. Syed Naqvi, as follows

XI, 1. For the purposes of Part IV of the Medical Act, “professional misconduct” constitutes a failure to maintain the standards of practice of the professional and includes:

(a) failing to maintain accepted professional standards and procedures in the practice of medicine;

The Investigation Committee dismissed one allegation, and decided that certain orders were appropriate to address the conduct issues which had arisen in this case. Dr. Syed Naqvi has accepted the findings of the Investigation Committee and has consented to the following orders (the words in italics are explanatory only, and do not form part of the orders):

  1. Dr. Naqvi shall enroll in and complete successfully a course acceptable to the College on best practice guidelines for management of patients with diabetes, at his own expense, on or before February 28, 2023,(The Comprehensive Primary Care Update Online Course, from Harvard Medical School is acceptable);
  2. Dr. Naqvi shall enroll in and complete successfully a course acceptable to the College on proper medical record-keeping for a family physician, at his own expense, on or before February 28, 2023; (The Medical Record Keeping Online Course, from Dalhousie Medical School is acceptable) and
  3. Dr. Naqvi shall pay the sum of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) in costs to the College on or before February 28, 2023.

Upon completion of the requirements of these orders, the discipline process pertaining to the PS complaint will be concluded.

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